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NEWSLETTER: Pennings Requests?

Hello and Happy Spring!!!

So Full Armor and I had a good and busy March. As you may know the month started with my opening for Lucy Kaplansky at the Purple Crayon on the 1st, where I unveiled a new original tune called “Wind Song.” The response to the song and the performance was very good, and I look forward to releasing the official demo recording in the coming weeks. Stay Posted.

Full Armor Band also had a big month, including shows in New Milford CT, Mountain Top PA, and a 4-day-long mission event in New Providence NJ, from which we just returned.

As for upcoming shows, Full Armor will be playing in Warwick NY, Newburgh NY, Sleepy Hollow NY, East Stroudsburg PA, and Sparkill NY over the next month. For further info, visit the band’s tour page.

I will be making several Open Mic appearances this month, where I hope to unveil even MORE new material. I’ll be at Music at the Mission in West Milford NJ on April 5th, and at the Towne Crier Cafe for several dates throughout the month. So come out and support local music. All info and other dates are found at my tour page.

Speaking of local music, Full Armor and I will be performing at Pennings Farm Market in Warwick NY on Sunday, April 6th. We will be performing a mix of our original songs, as well as a collection of covers. The band and I are currently scouting our respective fan bases for any requests you may have. So if you do have any, then hit me up on Facebook before the 6th. The show starts at 5PM and goes until 8. Hope to see you there!!!

Peace and Love,


P.S. No Freebird

I heard this song and thought of you. You know who you are.

(Source: Spotify)

More acoustic covers??? You’re welcome.

This one is by Jillian Jensen, a brilliant singer who made it to the top 30 in this season’s American Idol.

Check out her music.


The great thing about acoustic covers of pop songs is that you’re able to truly appreciate the spirit of the song. Pop music often has many distractions, like overproduction, too much voice inflection, and in this song’s case, a not-so-classy music video.

But when you take all of that out, you find that many of these songs are brilliant in their own way. Now I wouldn’t compare them to Shakespeare sonnets, but when you strip it down and listen to them, you realize that it’s not all trash, as it’s so commonly misconceived.



QUESTION: On what famous tv show did the infamous phrase “Jumping the Shark” come from?

ANSWER: Happy Days


QUESTION! What famous early 20th century ship was also known as “The Pride of the White Star Line?”


NEWSLETTER: Lucy and the Purple Crayon


Well it’s been a very good February. Though a bit slow when it came to gigs, I made progress on a lot of other projects.

Full Armor had two shows this month, both in Michigan. We started on the 7th performing for a youth retreat in Kalamazoo alongside Fr. Stan Fortuna. And on that Sunday, the 9th, we drove to Owosso for a special benefit concert at St. Paul’s church. Alongside Flint-based worship band Thicker Than Water, we performed to raise money for a special missions trip the church’s youth group will be taking soon. Best of luck to them, and God bless.

As for myself, I was thrilled to perform for the students of Harmony Christian Academy in Middletown NY for their “Spiritual Emphasis week” on the 12th. (It was supposed to be the 12th and 13th, but snow got in the way.) The students were a pleasure to perform for, and I had a lot of fun that day.

Of course, the highlight of this past month was when it was officially confirmed that I would be opening for Lucy Kaplansky at The Purple Crayon. That gig was this past Saturday, and it was such a thrill to perform for a whole new audience. It was a sold-out crowd, full of people I’ve never performed for. Now, I usually don’t get nervous before shows, but I will admit, there was a bit of nerves that night. Performing for a new crowd, and a singer/songwriter you have admired for many years will do that to you. But it was a great show. And I thank everyone at The Purple Crayon for the opportunity, and to Lucy for being so encouraging and supportive.

At the concert, I performed a brand new song called “Wind Song.” An upbeat and fulfilling song, it’s about how I look at music as a breath of fresh air, and as a way to relieve tension that has built up over time. Sadly, there won’t be a demo recording of Wind Song in the near future. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my home studio. So I can’t do any new releases until this project is finished. But I’ll see about getting it out there when the work is done.

As for this month, there are shows coming up in Beacon NY, New Milford CT, Mountain Top PA, and New Providence, NJ. Visit my tour page on my website for info on these shows and others. See you on the road!!!

Peace and love,


How many folk singers does it take to change a light bulb?

Four. One to change it, two to write a song about how good the old one was, and one to complain that the bulb is electric.