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Hard at work.

What Robin Williams Meant To Me

It’s been over a week since Robin Williams died, and some of us are still struggling to come to terms with it. Other than a tweet upon first reaction to the news of his death, I haven’t really said much about his passing. So I do wanna take a moment to share what Robin Williams meant to me.

Now I have never been a big movie buff. Most movies have never lit any fires for me. Some did, most don’t. Usually, movies just left me with a headache afterwards. I never felt a connection.

However, there was one consistent exception… the works of Robin Williams. I shared a very special connection with almost every role I’ve seen him play. “Mork and Mindy” made me laugh. “Good Will Hunting” made me cry. “Patch Adams” warmed my heart. “Aladdin” was non-stop amusement for me as a kid and an adult. “Dead Poets Society” affirmed my love for the literary art form. “August Rush” showed me a new way to look at music. And I briefly wanted to be a radio DJ after seeing “Good Morning Vietnam.”

His stand-up comedy was legendary. He was the reason why I came to love that particular art form. Stand-up was where you saw the REAL Robin Williams. No character, no script… the real thing. You could see how fast his mind really worked. His best routines were when he talked about his own life, his struggles with addiction, his getting older, and his children.

Robin Williams was a consistent source of laughter in some of the darkest times in my life. And it is saddening to realize that nothing new will ever come from his quick and genus mind. But I will treasure everything that did come from it. I’ve never heard a bad thing ever said about Robin Williams, and I hope I never do.

So thank you, Robin, for giving your gift to the world. And I hope that you are finally resting in the peace that you longed for.

Kyle Hancharick performs his original song, “What’s Left?” at the Purple Crayon in Hastings-On-Hudson, NY in 3/1/2014

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NEWSLETTER: August 2014


So Full Armor has been doing a lot of concerts and retreats in NY and PA over the past few months. We got to play a Hudson Valley Renegades per game show for the third year in a row. We played a very special outdoor concert in Beach Lake PA. We played a cover set at Pennings in Warwick NY for a second time this year. We performed for over 500 young people at Camp Veritas in Newburgh NY. And we played and ran the youth track for the Catholic Charismatic Conference in Scranton PA.

This month the band only had one show, at the CenterPoint Music Festival in Barnveld NY this past Saturday. We are starting up again next month with a cover set in Otisville NY. Visit Full Armor’s tour page for info.

As for myself, I had a very busy past few months. I started off the month of July by performing in Boston MA at the famed 6B Lounge. I played a two-hour set at the West Milford Farmers Market in NJ, which I plan on doing again later this month. And I played a concert set at the newly-formed Fellowship Cafe in Vernon NJ. This concert is run by my good friend Andrew Gallagher, who played the drums on EP. Andrew is now currently working on his own solo album. If you’d like, you can help support the album by donating to his Indiegogo campaign.

Now last I wrote to you, I told you about the new full-length album I was working on as a follow-up to EP. Well that project is slowly but surely making progress. New songs are still being written, and we are looking at a February 2015 release. Last week in Beacon NY, I debuted a brand new song, called The Hero, and I will be debuting more songs as the weeks and months go by. All the more reason to come see a show.

So here is this month’s show schedule…

8/11- Beanrunner Cafe, Peekskill NY, 6:30p

8/13- Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon NY, 7p

8/25- Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon NY, 7p

8/27- West Milford Farmers Market, West Milford NJ, 4p

For later shows, visit my tour page. Hope to see you at a show!!!

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Kyle and Full Armor will be returning to Catholic Underground PA on October 18th.

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